President Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign socially

The social media frenzy is being taken up by a whole host of people even within the world of politics. Today it’s the turn of a campaign that is hoped to bring success to President Obama’s 2012 presidential popularity. Back in 2008, a large percentage of Obama’s fan base was of the younger generation age 29 and under.

Hoping to achieve this, the campaign “Organizing for America” or (OFA) will be setting up a social media strategy in order to attract voters including this particular age group. First up thanks to a recent survey carried out by Pew Research Center, it was recognized that 83% of Internet users between the ages of 18-29 use social networking sites, this drops to 51% for those aged between 50-64 years of age.

Results from Pew also concluded that voters age 24 and under made up 10% as Mashable reported, of voters in the last presidential campaign. As well as this, it became obvious that the OFA would have to concentrate on the younger generation presently without a job.

Social networking sites and the rise in its users is paramount to achieving success with the 2012 presidential campaign, today Facebook for example sees over 800 million, Twitter more than 200 million with staffing levels at Twitter reported to be over 400 instead of just 8 in 2008. Viral video sharing site YouTube back in 2008 saw an average of 13 hours of video content uploaded every minute; today it’s risen to 48 hours.

Getting younger users interested in the presidential campaign could be found from interaction from the networking sites, this could be by way of users asking questions or being able to “check-in” to a political event via Foursquare.

Let us know what you think about President Obama engaging with younger people? Do you feel that Obama should not just speak with them, but to them? Is social media a good way of achieving this?