ASUS support Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

It came as no surprise last week that Samsung were fully behind Google’s upcoming version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. The first device to come with Android 4.0 will be the Galaxy Nexus, but what about devices from other makers? Well, we now have word that ASUS will also be supporting the new mobile OS.

ASUS has said that they always pride themselves in offering the best experience to their customers, so those new features on Android 4.0 ICS will soon find their way into their products. We have now learned that ASUS is to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to their Eee Pad Series. However, they have yet to offer any details on when this will be made available.

What makes Android 4.0 more special than 3.0 is how it can be used on both smartphones and tablets. Currently no smartphone can use Honeycomb, instead they have to use the aging Gingerbread – well even some Android handsets struggle to use that. Ice Cream Sandwich should finally be able to reunite all Android devices – well that’s the theory.

Do you think that ICS will be the OS that Google hopes it will be? One thing we do know, it will be a long road before the likes of HTC will finally be able to offer a supporting device, due to the fact of deep customization of their UI.