iPad 2 benefits from extra color Smart Cover range

Tablet devices are becoming increasingly popular, and none more than the founder of the touch screen slate, Apple’s iPad. Seen in its mark 2 guises, the latest version to the Apple range can be seen in virtually every area of our lives.

And what do the users of these devices choose to accessorize their gadget with? The Smart Cover of course, and why not, this simple design shroud cleverly clips to the iPad 2 via 21 magnets that align it perfectly. Doubling up as protection and a stand, the Smart Cover also keeps your screen clean.

Originally the polyurethane extra only came in a small range of colors all with the same gray underside. But now as reported by Apple Insider the Cali crew has decided to revamp the range with some additional colors, and carried on the same color coding on the inside in microfiber.

The new colors include, light gray, blue, green and pink with the orange option being dropped from the line-up. There is also a change to the leather version with a tweaked navy blue upgrade. Prices remain the same starting at $39.

If you are in the market for an iPad 2, will a new Smart Cover be in your shopping basket as well?

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    I think the iPad should just come with a Smart Cover. It is the best accessory that any tablet could have.