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Google+ apps support a priority

Three is no denying that Google+ has an uphill struggle when it comes to competing with Facebook, but at least the service can draw upon the help of Google and their other platforms to help them on their quest to social networking greatness. We have now learned that Google+ will soon support the company’s Apps; we expect this to happen any day now.

This should give the new project a shot in the arm, as new sign-ups have started to slow. Google is throwing its might behind Google+, as they have also announced that businesses will soon be able to join as well. This will mean that the likes of Coca-cola and Starbucks will soon be competing with each other for the biggest following on this new social networking service very soon.

Google+ apps support a priority

For those who have subscribed to Google+ they have said that App support is one of the most wanted features, so Mashable feels that Google has been backed into a corner and have rushed this feature. That did want more time, but because the new project has performed better than anticipated they feel they have to give their users what they want.

What other features would you like to see?