Uncharted 3: The review release process

We’ve heard from a few gamers and their confusion over the Uncharted 3 review process, and when these should release for the PS3 exclusive. In a nutshell, reviews are normally not allowed to be released until a certain date (under embargo), although over the last few weeks we’ve seen a few leaks.

The leaked reviews for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception have been extremely good so far, most of these are just scores from magazines, and you may have heard about a few of them in our post a couple of days ago.

Today we’ve seen perfect marks given by Level in Sweden, which was leaked in this forum post. Are you surprised at how high these scores have been?

Some of the biggest gaming websites and blogs are getting their reviews and hands-on videos ready for publishing in the next couple of days, and we’ll update you with a round up when we get a nice list of full reviews. For now, let us know if you have a certain review website you’re waiting to post a full review?

Our expectations are high after a quick hands-on at Euro Gamer, and the leaked scores we’ve seen so far. To learn more about Uncharted, watch the video below.