Halloween is Pumpkin season and new Angry Birds time

Just a few days ago we informed you of a new Angry birds to release this Halloween, making it not only the time for a nice Pumpkin, but also one for some good fun playing a new game, just what the die-hard Angry Bird fans need.

That post showed a sneak peek at the new Halloween Angry Birds, although today we’ve found another video, and this time we got something much better. The video seen below shows you the newest Angry Bird, and while he’s small do not let that fool you.

Pigs can expect all tricks this Halloween with no treats, and Angry Birds fans get to experience something new. The video is titled “Ham’o'ween”, and will get you ready for a game lit by a full moon and including skeletons, exploding jack-o-lanterns and even pumpkin patches.

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What do you think of the new Angry Bird for this Halloween?