Facebook INFOGRAPHIC 2011: Top 5 stats

We all love Infographics right; well we now have a new Facebook Infographic that has been updated for 2011? We already know all the basics, such as their 800 million users and the huge amount of photos that gets uploaded onto the social network, but what about a top 5 breakdown of other areas of importance?

No matter what you say about Facebook, such as the security issues or the number of people that are affected by what people say on their walls, the service is bigger than anything else available for the moment, and no matter how hard Google tries with their Plus service, it’s going to take a mighty long time to dethrone the king.

Mashable have come up with this latest Infographic, so let’s have a look at a few of the numbers. Did you know that 53 percent of American’s believe that it isn’t right to become friends with their boss on Facebook. Did you know that out of the top 5 brands, Coca-cola has the number one spot with 34 million likes? Also Harry Potter has the most likes from a movie franchise with 35 million. The one that we found most interesting is that Family Guy has 38 million likes compared to 35 million for The Simpsons. Check out the entire Infographic by clicking on the image below.