The Battlefield 3 social network

The excitement level is now starting to build, as we are just days away from the release of Battlefield 3. It has been a bumpy road for DICE, as the beta was filled with bugs, and there was also that issue of destruction, which will be resolved in the public release. Let’s now concentrate on the positives, such as the BF3 being a social network of sorts.

If you were to go back a few years you just had a game and there was not much else you could do with it, but in time they have evolved to do so much more than that. The biggest change came in getting games consoles online, then the next step was the social interaction, such as online multiplayer, but Patrick Loving from DICE explains how social media aspect of the Battlelog has now taken that a step further.

In the in-depth interview over at Gamasutra, producer Patrick Loving talks about how new it was to them and how the developer then needed to put a team together that understood the things that make up a good social network.

A number of questions needed to be answered, such as what they needed to prioritize on Battlelog for BF3, and if they look at other social network services for ideas?

If you have not seen Battlelog in action yet, look below for a trailer that explains it all.