San Francisco earthquake rocks Twitter, map details

The San Francisco earthquake that shock the Bay Area only a few hours ago has also rocked social media websites, including Twitter and Facebook. The quake measured 3.9.

This article has compared the 2011 San Francisco earthquake to another 22-years ago, which apparently took place almost exactly at the same time. The post reports that the second hit around 6 hours after the first, and some of our readers may remember the earthquake they are referring to (Loma Prieta).

It’s well known that San Francisco is the heart of technology, with many tech companies based there. At 2:41pm local time the quake hit the Hayward fault line, and caused disruption across San Francisco that affected many meetings, video streams and more.

Twitter tends to be the first to point out major world events, and that was shown in the moments following the quake with tweets steaming in. You can see the epicenter for latest San Francisco earthquake in this map here.