Real iOS 5 security flaw, iPad 2 vulnerability temporary fix

Since the release of iOS 5 there has not been that many issues to report, but that’s not saying that there aren’t any. It seems that there is a security flaw with the iPad 2, but Apple’s Smart Cover is needed to recreate it. However, we will explain a temporary fix for you until a long-term solution is found.

What we call a flaw Apple calls an intended feature, which is what we explained in a previous post regarding a password issue with Siri. However, there is a real iOS 5 security flaw with the iPad 2, and all you need is a Smart Cover to see this flaw in action. It seems that you are able to bypass the security password, a nightmare if your leave your tablet unattended.

The flaw will allow anyone who just lifts the Smart Cover access to your iPad. Okay, so they cannot gain access to all functions, but if you left your mail, contacts or messages open, then they could find all sorts of things. 9to5 Mac says that the simplest way to fix this issue is to turn off Smart Cover unlocking, which can be found in Settings then General. Have you experienced this issue, are you concerned