Krista Ford on Facebook ‘left the Toronto Triumph’

Toronto Triumph’s Captain and niece of Mayor Rob Ford “Kirsta Ford” has announced that she will be quitting from her present position. The Triumph’s, one of 12 US based Lingerie Football League teams and coincidentally the only LFL franchise in Canada, have already lost 22 out of 26 players including big named player Ford.

The walk out for so many, comes down to four players as reported from, who were told to leave as well as their defensive coach. Showing her support as reported, for her other team members, Ford logged onto her Facebook page and wrote, “I am really sad to let you all know that I have left the Toronto Triumph. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make. It’s really upsetting how the events unfolded, but unfortunately, I had to stand up for what was right.”

League Chairman Mitchell Mortaza was keen to hit back by saying amongst other things that “We had much bigger plans for Krista as we launch into Canada. It definitely seems like it was a rush to judgment and one that unfortunately, I think she’s going to regret in the very near future.”

Let us know if you are a fan of the US Lingerie Football League? Give us your thoughts on Krista Ford leaving?