Improving iPhone 4S battery life: Make it better

Apple state that the iPhone 4S battery life is “outstanding”, which is thanks to iOS 5 and the A5 chip, although this could not be more wrong in real world tests, and as our early tests show it can drain a lot overnight.

More progress has been made in learning how to improve the iPhone 4S battery life, and make it better after a few tweaks, although we hope a new firmware update is released soon to fix some of the issues.

We’ve taken a look at the features in iOS 5 and iPhone 4S that are making your battery poor and drain faster than before, and these include the new notification system that is both sleek and battery hungry if all apps are allowed to send notifications. The other problem with certain apps is the fact that they are allowed to check the web a lot for different data, which only makes things drain faster.

Some blogs have posted polls, which show the majority of people are unhappy with their battery life on the new iPhone. We know that batteries need improving but for a device to drain to almost flat overnight without any use is not right. Apps love to keep you in touch and a phone that has no activity is almost impossible for every moment it’s turned on, and with this in mind you should turn off location based services and notifications for apps you don’t use a lot, which a lot of apps use both these services.

Those that have made these changes are reporting extremely good battery life for the iPhone 4S. Let us know how you get on.

  • Greg

    My 4s drains to zero overnight.  I thought apple was suppose to be easy to use which is why I bought this. Why can’t I tell it I don’t want apps contacting the internet except when I tell them to?