Hurray, new PlayStation 4 games in early stages

During the past week or so there seems to have been a major development in our next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony, with the former already having the existence of the Xbox 720 confirmed by employees working on the project. However, the PlayStation 4 will not be that far behind, since we now know that games to support the PS4 are in their early stages.

The PS3, Move and Vita are still Sony’s main focus for the coming years, which means that we cannot expect the PlayStation 4 anytime soon, but we are now told that work has started on their next-generation console, whether it will be out around the same time as the 720 is anyone’s guess, but it looks highly unlikely.

Develop cannot be certain which of Sony’s game studios is working on these new PS4 games, but they must have had to take on extra workers, as surly they cannot spare anyone from their current team? To some the PS3 still has a good few years’ left yet, but recently developers have been saying that they were unable to get anymore from the console – this can be clearly seen in the differences between the console versions of Battle 3 and the PC.