Confusion over iPhone 4S battery case

When we first got the iPhone back in 2007 there was a huge issue with its battery, which then meant that we had to use a battery case for that extra bit of juice. Thankfully by last years model Apple had managed to sort the issue out, but we are now facing the same problem with the iPhone 4S, as battery life is said to be shocking.

There are a number of ways to make your battery last longer, but that means changing a few settings, which basically means turning a few things off. For those who wish to use all the settings on the iPhone 4, then you might have to relent and get yourself a battery case. We are being told that these will not only fit the iPhone 4, but also the 4S as well.

Now, we have explained in recent posts that some standard iPhone 4 cases are not fitting the 4S, but there are some that do. You will need to make certain that the mute switch cutout is larger than the switch itself, this will mean that you will have no issue. We say this because we actually have the PowerSkin Silicone Case with Built-in Battery, which is made for the iPhone 4. We slid our 4S in and there was no such issue. Just remember to check this out first, either by looking at one in store or zooming in on the image on the website.