Best Modern Warfare 3 price after Battlefield 3 trade-in

The big two games of the year are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, and they are not only in competition with each other in way of game sales, but also price as well. Each year brick-and-mortar and online stores all compete with each other in a price war, and it’s usually the likes of Asda or Sainsbury’s who wins out.

However, there will be a deal very soon that we think is the best Modern Warfare 3 price yet, but that is only after a Battlefield 3 trade-in. Before we tell you the price, you have to consider what is being asked of you. The first step is having to purchase BF3 from GameStop by pre-ordering their copy on their website by October 27, 2011.

You will then receive a pre-paid envelope along with the game, and you will then be able to play your game for just under two weeks. Then you will have to purchase MW3 via the same website and then return your copy of BF3 (which will have its own social network) by November 18th. VideoGamer says that if you do this then you’ll get Modern Warfare 3 for just £0.99. However, you have to remember that you will have to part with your brand new game that cost just over £40 new.

This will not be the only offer, but is certainly the cheapest - well only if you do not want to keep both games. Would you consider this trade-in offer?

  • Tickler Pickle

    Sooo disappointed in this game. Campaign story doesn’t even end well…you don’t even find out what happens to main character in campaign mode!! In multiplayer, you can’t easily tell vehicle locations or enemy locations…you just kind of stumble across both. I ended up usually running most places as running is nearly as fast as most vehicles…thank god, since you can’t find the vehicles, lol.   Anyone wanna buy my copy for half price?? Gonna try and unload this pos to gamestop before others catch on and it’s worth nothing on trade-in…luckily cod is only a couple weeks away.

  • E_herewini

    heya is that for the game modern warfare mw3 prestige i would be really keen if it is