Apple Easter Eggs for iPhone 4S and Siri

With the release of Apple’s new iPhone 4S, came the new iOS 5 OS as well as the new Siri voice recognition technology. Although feedback for the new Apple device on the whole has been good, the two extra additions have at times been criticised, mainly for users having problems downloading the new iOS 5 as well as a security flaw with the iPad tablet. Siri’s new technology has also been under scrutiny in relation to its lack of secure password.

Today on a lighter and happier note, we wanted to bring you the funny side of Siri, taking the voice activated feature away from its diary entries, reminders, weather forecasts and so on. According to, Joshua Topolsky over at This Is My Next has been seeing what Siri is capable of in relation to answering of questions.

In the embedded video below courtesy of Adam Coomes, you will see some of what’s known as “Easter Eggs” hidden away inside the Siri program. Initially Adam asks Siri to open its pod bay doors, followed on by Adam asking a whole host of questions, from “who’s your daddy?” with Siri saying “you are, now can we get back to work now.”

Adam tells Siri that he loves her, she responds by saying, “I hope you do not say that to those other mobile phones,” will you marry me Siri? Response, “we hardly know one another.”

Give us your thoughts on Siri?