Twitter Colonel Gaddafi Death updates, beware of spammers

News has been spiralling out of control this evening, over the death of Libyan leader Mammar Gaddafi. After some trepidation as to whether the leader has actually died, reports are coming in that yes, he has. From 1969, Gaddafi will be recorded as being the fourth longest non-royal ruler since 1900, along with being the longest ruling Arab leader, to find out more head on over to Wikipedia.

Disturbingly, photos of what looks to be Gaddafi are making there way around the world wide web and its something that we cannot share with you guys, sorry! The reason we’ve made you aware of them is that along with news such as this, a perfect opportunity is then taken by some spammers. Problems for users, resonate from photos being planted, which include links, and without realising it people are unsuspectedly clicking onto them.

The news via Mashable this evening, has spoken about how Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte was raided by those from the National Transitional Council. News filtered through to the New York Times that Gaddafi had been killed, although the U.S. State Department had still not confirmed his death at 10.00am ET.

In relation to social networking site Twitter, it has been inundated with tweets from across the globe, with the percentage celebrating his death and sharing the mentioned photos.

Updated news from multiple sources including the, have reported that acting Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril has indeed announced Gaddafi’s death, expressing that Libya has been waiting for this news. As to how he died, is still unknown, but reports are stating that he was shot, whilst others have said he died in hospital from a wound to the leg.

Let us know your thoughts on this? Have you taken to Twitter to leave a message? Are you cautious about opening links?