Sony halt Alpha NEX-7, camera release date unknown

A sorry state of affairs for those wishing to purchase the new Sony Alpha NEX 7 camera. Announced back in the summer, Sony’s new add-on to their existing range was due to be released along with the new A65. Due to floods that have hit Thailand, the cameras release will now be postponed until further notice.

Action has been taken, which has resulted in Sony having to shut two out of three factories in the country of Thailand. According to Amar Toor at Engadget, the mirrorless camera will now have to arrive at a later date much to the disappointment of camera enthusiasts.

The floods that have caused no end of damage were reported to have affected one factory with water completely submerging it, whilst at a semiconductor factory a shortage of supplies has been noted. In a statement from George Boyd he said, “It is difficult for us to say at this time when production will re-start in Thailand. However, we are taking measures to move production to our third factory in Thailand which is operational and also to other sites.”

Other manufacturers have been affected by the floods including, Nikon and hard-drive distributors Western Digital.

Tell us have you been hoping to pick up one of the new Sony Alpha NEX-7 cameras? Perhaps you are considering another option now, if so what will you purchase?