Ron Paul for 2012 President: Twitter and Facebook support

Politics is not our strong suit, but we have to admire how Ron Paul goes about his campaign to become president in 2012. No other candidate is able to use social media to the same affect as he, but can anyone win the election 140 characters at a time? Well, that’s a good question, one that is a little too early to tell.

There is a huge amount of support for Ron Paul on Facebook and Twitter, and it does not take them long to react to what he has recently been saying. The latest, and for us one of the best points that the U.S. Representative has been sharing with us is how he sees the U.S. deficit.

This is explained in a simple yet powerful image about what happens to the things that we all take for granted when cuts are made. It’s all well and good making cuts to save money and not to raise taxes, but think about what will happen to health-care, roads and even the military, which is over-stretched as it is?

Below we have an enlightening video of how Ron Paul goes about politics, and it’s not the same way as most other politicians in the U.S. conduct themselves.

  • john james cale

    On behalf of my fellow Lovers of Liberty: Thanks for the positive article.