Microsoft Yahoo merger, buyout rumors increase

It’s been a couple of years since there was talk of a Microsoft merger with Yahoo, and it is only recently that a possible deal has started to gain momentum, even though Steve Ballmer has been vocal in the past about how pleased he was that they never went ahead. However, we have come to expect this straight talking from Ballmer.

Microsoft are now doing all they can to purchase Yahoo, and are now thought to be in talks with a number of investors to help the merger deal along. If successful then we can expect a possible bid very soon, but are they in a position to do so when we have seen their market share in phones, software and also browsers fall?

Mashable says that Yahoo is not short of offers, as there are a number of other bids coming in. Yahoo will need to weigh up their options, as it will not be all about the green, they also need to see what a deal can bring to the company as well.

Let’s say that Microsoft’s bid is not as much as another offer on the table from someone else, but what Microsoft will be able to offer as a company could be more beneficial indeed.

Do you think that a Microsoft merger with Yahoo will be good for both parties?