iPhone 4S password issues, Siri bypass

Apple’s new iPhone 4S has been officially available to buy for nearly two weeks now, and along with brand new internals to speak of, the handset comes with voice recognition technology “Siri.”

Allowing the user to basically talk to their mobile phone, the new technology has today been criticised for its lack of password. Although the brand new feature is of course a tempting prospect when choosing your new device, it could potentially cause issues for the user. According to nakedsecurity.sophos.com, Apple’s new iPhone 4S can of course be locked with a passcode, but this doesn’t stop an individual(s) from being able to use Siri and use a voice command.

As reported from Graham Cluley, this could openly be seen from an experiment carried out at security firm Sophos. Cluley managed to write an email and send a text message without the need for a secure passcode.

Good news is at hand, with advice of how to disable Siri when the smartphone is locked. Users are told to enter “Settings/General/Passcode Lock,” then advised to turn the Siri option OFF. This in turn means that Siri is difficult to use when the handset is locked with a passcode in tow.

In these modern times, it begs the question of why Apple despite the Siri technology being impressive, did not think about making it a more secure feature.

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