Gran Turismo 5 vs Battlefield 3: which DLC option?

Just today we brought news to gamers, that the new Battlefield 3 game would be releasing on October 25th, along with a quick rundown of unlocks and talk of maps. The same day will also see the release of another big game, that of Gran Turismo 5. We know many of you have been waiting for a DLC update to the game which was hoped to arrive yesterday, but the best date we can give you now is that of the 25th.

News on the update has come from our friend Alan over at PR News, who has spoken about Sony announcing this on their official US PS Blog. In the comments section right at the bottom, we would be interested to hear whether you have a preference towards one or the other, or in fact you may be considering having both games.

Along with GT5 coming on the same day, a Complete Pack can be bought now, but ends on November 7th. This for those interested will contain a Course pack, Paint pack, Racing Gear pack and Racing car for a US price of $11.99 or converted £9.49.

What we liked, is that for gamers patiently waiting, Sony will be giving away free items, a GT Academy dynamic theme to download and as Alan reported a GT5 in game Honda NSX GT500 Stealth Model.

GT5 will now support up to 16 players with a damage model included, 1,000 cars, 71 tracks, 26 locations, various weather conditions, new road effects such as dust and skid marks as well as a night time driving option.

Give us your thoughts, Gran Turismo, Battlefield 3 or both?