ExoClear Case for iPhone 4S

So you’ve got your new Apple iPhone 4S, but have you considered how you will protect your prized possession from scratches, bumps and knocks? This week we’ve brought you a small helping of some of the cases available on the current market, with another below to tempt you further.

Today we can bring you news from a company called Exogear who themselves have a new case by the name of the ExoClear. For a retail price of $29.95, the company have specialized in not just designing a case for the new iPhone 4S, but previously for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 3G.

Backed up by a three year limited warranty, the new ExoClear fitting the GSM and CDMA iPhone 4S models, will provide a see through case or a smoked look should you prefer, which is fitted with a Polyurethane coating to prevent the handset from showing foggy images when using flash photography. As well as this, the impressive ExoClear has been designed with the edge of the case raised 0.3mm to protect the front of the device along with enhancing signal strength, sound porting, matching power and volume buttons to easily turn off and adjust.

Included in the case’s design, is a kickstand allowing you to view your smartphone from a different angle whilst protecting it at the same time.

Give us your thoughts on the new ExoClear case from Exogear? Are you tempted, if not have you got protection for your new iPhone 4S already sorted out, in which case (excuse the pun) where did you buy from?