Winterboard for iOS 5 plus themes video

The new iOS 5 has just over two hundred new features, which will help many iPhone 4 and 3GS users stay contented with their older iPhones, although for some people this is still not enough and they need to jailbreak the device to add the little extras.

Winterboard for iOS 5 has now been made available for those of you that run a jailbroken iPhone, or iPad and iPod touch. This app enables you to change themes in iOS 5, with the added ability to switch the look of app icons, Dock and SpringBoard.

We’ve known about users trying to find a fix for Winterboard on different iOS 5 beta’s over the last few weeks, and Phones Review has posted some details on how to use Winterboard on the latest software and where to download the latest version.

Those of you that want some ideas for Winterboard themes should see the video below, which showcases 10 of the best and these have had a lot of positive feedback from users so far. Favorites include the Carbon Star and Elite Pro.

Share your thoughts in the comments about Winterboard, any problems you’ve had, and after watching the video do you have a favorite theme? The latest updates from OSM can be found via Twitter and Facebook.

  • Rwarte4742

    I lost my iphone4s phone icon and contacts icon, how do I gety it back?