Twitter accounts to follow: Funny, fictional and investors

With the increase in Twitter traffic we often wonder which are the best accounts to follow. There is a huge choice available to you from funny, fictional and even ones for investors. There are more than 30 here in a best off list, so we will look at what we think our readers will like the most.

Mashable has looked at 9 top accounts that investors need to follow, which is broken down into a slideshow. Two of these are as follows, @fredwilson, which allows users engage in a comment section, as well as helping to educate investors. The second is @sacca; they do not have a blog, so use their Twitter account as a platform to offer valued information.

From the ten best fictional Twitter accounts Batman has to be one of the best, and the imminent launch of Batman: Arkham City will make this a popular choice. This account offers another side to our hero, as he offers funny one-liners that will keep us all amused. Mrs Stephen Fry is the wife of the comedy legend; he even has a wife and kids. This gives you an idea of where this account is going.

If you have a sense of humor, then you will want to follow these ten Twitter accounts. It’s hard to make people laugh in 140 characters or less, but they all do it.