Minimalist Precision iPhone 4S case

We’ve seen a few of the older iPhone 4 cases not fit the new 4S model, and expect new cases from the Apple Store in the coming days, although other brands are already ramping up production.

The Minimalist Precision iPhone 4S case is one example of a company going the extra mile to create a stylish case that not only protects your iPhone 4S, but also easy to fit. Apple products are known for their precision styling, and these lightweight aluminum cases aim to deliver on what Apple fans expect, and that is quality.

One of the most popular brands for iPhone 4S cases and covers is Otterbox, but we suggest you at least visit the Glide Case website to see one of the best alternatives for iPhone cases. The main features of “Glide” include protection on all sides, hands-free docking, a snap-fit assembly as shown in the image below, unhindered reception, and mix-and-match customization.

You can expect the first Glide iPhone 4S cases to ship in the first week of November, and they company states the cases will fit all models of Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. You may also be glad to know that the accessory is made in the USA.