iPad Mini: New Apple rumors from Taiwan

Steve Jobs had already made it clear that Apple would not be introducing an iPad Mini, but with Amazon offering a tablet at a cheaper price, will they now be forced in to it? Well, it seems that this could happen, as rumors have now begun to surface once again. One thing we do know, this could only be a win win for the company –although how will consumers react to their favorite tablet with a smaller keyboard area?

Apple’s last quarter earnings were not as much as analysts had predicted, and this was because consumers were not buying as many iPhones in anticipation of the iPhone 4S. This could soon be the case with the iPad, because rivals are now breathing down their neck by offering more powerful tablets.

The tablet market is still ruled by the iPad, but we already know that over the coming years its market share will decrease, while Android’s will increase. We do get a feeling that Apple is finally looking at the long-term here, as 9to5 Mac reports that LG has sent 7.85-inch display samples to Apple. Now we could take this we a grain of salt, but we have to wonder if this is one of the designs that Steve Jobs left for Apple?