Changing iPhone 4S: Wishlist for iPhone 5

A couple of weeks ago Apple did something that stunned us, and that was to just release an upgraded version of the iPhone 4 with the 4S. Don’t get us wrong, we love what they have done with the inside of the device, but we are shallow as a race, as it’s all about the looks with us. With this in mind we now look to next version and how Apple will be changing the iPhone 4S features with the 6th-generation model.

Here we will look at our new iPhone 5 wishlist and when it will get its release date. The first and most important feature to change is the design of the outside, and it is almost certain that the late Steve Jobs has already laid down the blueprint for this. It’s hard to know if they will go with the teardrop or curved glass design, but you can be certain that Samsung will try something on if they do.

For the most par the 4S has been well received, and that is evident with the huge lines outside Apple Stores and the number of record activations, which have already mounted up to more than four million to date. The iPhone 5 will need to be something extra special; this could be from stereo speakers, larger screen, improved battery (considering recent issues), and an even more powerful processor and increased RAM.

What is your wish list for the next-generation iPhone?