Deciding a favorite: Galaxy Nexus or S II?

Now that Samsung has announced the release of the Galaxy Nexus, it is inevitable that the handset will be compared to a range of other handsets. Those that will be competing include the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S II, and it’s the latter that you will need to sit hard and think about – wonder if Sammy has now given themselves a headache?

Making the right decision will come down to many things, and the deciding factor will come down to what carrier you want your Galaxy Nexus or S II or, as the former will be available on Verizon and the latter on Sprint, T-Mobile and Sprint – yes we know leaving Big Red out was a shock, but only because it was leading up to the first Ice cream Sandwich handset - wonder when HTC will offer their first model.

We have a video below thanks to Engadget who has pitted the new Nexus smartphone up against some rivals, and they do say that they are having an issue choosing between the two Samsung handsets. Hopefully the video will give you some insight? One thing we do know, our readers are asking that other carriers apart from Verizon get in on the action as well – cannot see that happening anytime soon.