iPhone 4S review of battery life: The test

It’s easy to understand the love for iCloud and why most iPhone 4S and iOS 5 devices would want to keep the feature turned on, but with all new services and products there could be bugs, and almost certainly will be problems.

We explained yesterday that we’d personally found the iPhone 4S battery life to be extremely short, and after a few checks on the Apple forums and other sources, it is evident that thousands of iPhone 4S users also have the same problem.

Now the question remains on how to fix the short battery life on iPhone 4S? It’s worth pointing out that some older iPhone’s with iOS 5 also have this issue, and it could be related to iOS 5. The major common factor is iCloud on the new iPhone and older devices running iOS 5, so we ran a test by turning off iCloud.

With iCloud on you could see as much as a 20% drop in battery life overnight, and that is with your iPhone 4S on standby. When we turned off iCloud, the drop was just 5%. So it’s almost certain that iCloud is a major part of the battery life problems, and may mean an update to iOS 5 is needed.

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