Apple TV 4.4.1 update brings problems

Lovers of the Apple brand must be sighing again today after yet another firmware update has introduced problems into their Apple devices.

Just recently the downloadable upgrades to iOS 5 caused some technical issues such as problems with Apple’s iCloud and at times people not being able to use their devices. Now we hear news of an iOS 4.4.1 update for the Apple TV bringing problems to the little black box. According to Peter Chubb over at PR News, those wishing to update the new iOS, which subsequently was supposed to fix bug issues, are advised not to go ahead due to reports of some devices being “bricked.”

There will be many of you out there questioning whether Apple’s firmware updates are turning sour, as recently, the huge company released an update 4.4 with issues arising just after a matter of days. Peter reported on some users having to carry out a full restore, this in itself has been plagued with problems such as iTunes 10.5 or syncing with certain computers being an issue.

When new updates come along, are you now a little bit weary before hitting the download button? Perhaps you are thinking of waiting for Apple to release a newer version of Apple TV? All comments are gratefully received.

  • John Stadler

    Does this signal the downfall of Apple in the long run?

  • Don’t do this again.


    With Lion on my Macbook pro causing many issues, like locking up and needing to hold the power button to reboot, as with iOS 4.x on my iPad causing slow downs and iOS 5 I’ve had it crash a few times with a graphics ‘mess’ across the screen and now TV.

    My reason for changing from windows to Apple was security, stability and ease of use, now I’m wondering what Apple manager is collecting a bonus for all these mistakes.?