WWDC 2012 Countdown: iPhone 5, iOS 6 and iOS X

June is usually a month that Apple announces the launch of a new iPhone device during their yearly event. However, this was not the case this year, as it was delayed until this month. We now shift our focus to WWDC 2012, and now that the countdown has begun, we begin to wonder just what Tim Cook and his team will unveil?

We do have three possibilities; these include the iPhone 5, iOS 6 or even iOS X. You may be a little confused by that last one, but we will get that in a moment. There is a strong chance that Apple only launched the iPhone 4S as an interim model, and will revert to their normal June cycle. However, we have reason to believe that October will now be the new date for the release of future iPhone handsets. Let’s face it; the late launch has done no harm to sales, as they have certainly been impressive.

It’s almost certain that iOS 6 will be announced, as it was done so this year in June. We have seen time and again that we get to see a few teasers ahead of the actual release. Now we move to iOS X, as there is a strong chance that we will learn more about this during WWDC 2012.

The reason why Apple could call the operating system this is the fact that Steve Jobs wanted their mobile platforms to be more like their tablets and smartphones.