Social Infographic: iPhone 4S, Kindle Fire and Facebook changes

Over the past few weeks there have been three things that have been of the most importance to you tech minded people, the first is the release of the iPhone 4S, then second is the announcement that Amazon is getting in on the tablet game with their new Kindle Fire and finally there are the changes that Facebook has made.

As you would imagine all three have had a huge amount of reaction socially, so it was only a matter of time before Lab42 came up with their own social “Infographic.” You can see how consumers have been reacting on various social platforms; such as what they think these new launches will bring to the world of tech.

For the iPhone 4S, the biggest topic was if they were going to change carriers to get it. As for the Kindle Fire, it seems that consumers are not that convinced, as only 19 percent said they would purchase one. Those changes made to Facebook have not been popular, as more than 70 percent of users said that they would much rather go back to the previous layout.

What do you make of these two new devices and the Facebook changes?