Siri on iPhone 4S only finds businesses in United States

You had that little box arrive last week from Apple, and inside was your new iPhone 4S that after an hour in your hand felt like you’d not changed your phone, from the outside anyway. On the inside and after spending a much longer amount of time with iPhone 4S, everything is different.

From the camera focusing on images to the quality of video recording, and the much-anticipated feature called “Siri”. You’ll find yourself talking to your phone for hours, asking some of the strangest questions to see what Siri replies. This is part of the fun in finding out how good the next generation iPhone really is, and while some people think it is not a major upgrade and not iPhone 5, they couldn’t be more wrong.

The new iPhone 4S is as much fun as it is a pain, there are many improvements but also features that need a lot of work. This includes iCloud and iOS 5 slowing down the home network in our tests and also on a number of our reader’s devices.

Then we have the problem of Siri being limited, and while we know it is apparently a beta, why can UK users buy the iPhone 4S with Siri and not be allowed to find businesses in the UK. It is not only the UK; many other countries have this problem as well.

When asking some silly questions and direct questions, if you’re not in the United States, Siri will say “Sorry, I can only look for businesses in the United States”. This would not be a big problem; although a lot of the questions you ask Siri come back with that message after the AI tries to find something for you in a location.

Have you had problems using Siri, especially when it tries to use maps, locations, and businesses? Remember to keep updated on Siri and any fixes via OSM and our Facebook page.