Latest on Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich

Manufacturers are still battling it out to cement a number one place in an ever increasing smartphone market. Giants include Apple, Motorola, Samsung and of course HTC. Apple’s iPhone 4S released last Friday with millions of pre-orders taken beforehand, and queues of consumers waiting to pick it up when doors officially opened. Despite its popularity, will it maintain this when Samsung’s new Galaxy Nexus Prime gets its official announcement, along with Google’s Android new Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

Initially an event was scheduled to take place on 11 October in San Diego, but as we reported at the time, in light of Steve Jobs passing away, the timing was deemed inappropriate. Now, according to multiple sources including the, a new announcement is reported to be taking place on Wednesday 19 October at 10 am, located at the S221 Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Although the company have nothing to prove in terms of engaging customers, let’s face it the Galaxy S II is a worldwide sensation, the new Nexus Prime is dubbed a monstrous phone. There’s no doubt in many minds that Wednesday morning will be the time that both the South Korean company Samsung and indeed Google will be announcing the two additions, the former being a mixture of Android 2.3 Gingerbread and Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

Tell us whether you are waiting for news on both? Would you be tempted by the new Samsung Nexus Prime?

  • Fdf

    I will be getting the nexus prime. Google/android keep impressing me and its time for me to switch from apple to google. 

  • punde

    i need a new phone, if the nexus prime doesnt come out soon, i may just get the iphone 4s. i dont really want to do that because i love android, but apple is tempting me now.

  • Anonymous

    If you love android I don’t know why your backup to the Nexus Prime is not the Galaxy S II which is worlds better than the iPhone 4S.

  • swinny

    Due an upgrade next month and was looking to move from the Desire to the Sensation, but if the Prime is announced I may wait a little longer for that instead. Fingers crossed.

  • punde

    because I want a ‘new’ phone.  ie ones thts just come out so when I need to sell it I can get more than galaxy s2

  • Anonymous

    swinny, the sensation is nothing compared to the google nexus. If the specs that have been leaked are true, this could be the best performance phone on the market.

    In addition, the nexus will be out before November imho because the longer they wait, the more sales apple will conjure up from them.

    I was thinking to buy the iphone 4s but thought my 3gs is exactly the same in-terms of UI and fancied a change.

    The nexus will be my next phone I would advise you to hold out for a few weeks and get the same. But all depends on what your needs are for a phone. GL ATB

  • Phil

    I am definitely tempted by the thought of th Nexus Prime. I have just abandoned (mainly due to data portability) my Nokia N95, and moved to the Android platform with a Galaxy S2 and have to say I love it. I can’t wait.

  • Wade

    my wife and i will be getting the nexus prime.