iPhone 4S battery life extremely short

We all welcomed the iPhone 4S, even though we were longing for the 5; we took the 4S under our wings and started to explore its new technology. But now it’s been out for a short while there seems to be a stirring of discontent in the undergrowth.

As an iPhone 4 user I have noticed that the battery life was never great, but with the new 4S this battery life seems to have been further reduced. Others have also been suffering issues with the slash in charge time.

Reports have been coming in from Phone Review stating that even in normal operation, ie text, calls and the occasional use of Siri, their handset lost 50% of power within the first 2 hours. Surely this is an issue that Apple needs to explain, as users on the Apple Support site complain of similar dismal battery power.

Added to the battery issue are the comments over how hot the smartphone gets when playing games using AirPlay via the Apple TV. After the Cali firm failed to bring us the awaited 5th gen this bad feeling surrounding the 4S will no doubt tarnish the devices good name, and open the doors to the waiting Android attack.

Let us know if you have had problems with your iPhone 4S?

  • P3

    I noticed the battery having a very short life as well. Granted this is my first iPhone, but it just seems ridiculous. I had a better battery life with my HTC Evo (and every other phone before that)

  • Tim Rolison

    I’m managing to get through the day if I switch off iCloud, notifications and location services, but wait a minute, aren’t these key functions of the iPhone? Oh, and we non-US users wern’t really told that Siri is a fairly limited application at the moment.