Improvements for HP’s TouchPad

We can remember not so long ago that HP launched the Touchpad, and it promised to be a device that could take the fight to rivals. However, things never seem to go to plan, and just weeks after its release it was discontinued. The computer maker first started with fire sales, and then once inventory was gone so were all hopes of the webOS 3.0 tablet.

There was a glimmer of hope that HP would bring the TouchPad back from the dead, but this has since been ruled out. However, if it were, then some questions need to be answered, and the biggest is what would need to be changed? The OS for starters was not fully up to the task, but one or two updates would have rectified that little issue.

Another issue was to the hardware, as the CPU/GPU could not cut it with the big boys. However, the biggest issue for us was the choice of apps, or lack of them to be precise. Now Engadget readers have been very vocal on what needed to be changed, and we just hope that HP listens and revives the TouchPad, as it did show some promise.

What would you like to see if there was ever a TouchPad 2?