DICE discuss new Xbox 720 console

By now you will know that the Xbox 720 will be released sooner than you think, due to the fact that some Microsoft employees have admitted to working on the new console, even though we have no idea as to what the official name will be. DICE, the developer responsible for Battlefield 3 has been discussing what they expect from the Xbox 720, and it comes as no surprise that more power is big on their agenda.

This does not shock us, as this is the one thing that all developers want, which is just what they got with the PS3. However, developers have managed to get far more from the Xbox 360 than we all thought would be possible, but they have started to admit that things are now getting much tougher when it comes to producing even greater games.

BeefJack reports that DICE said that the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 are not dead yet, and still has some life left in them, but we do not see it having anymore than two to three years, due to the pace in which games are progressing. The step from the previous gen console to what we have now was huge, but we now expect to see an even great evolutionary jump with the next versions.

  • Alien Head

    If the next Xbox doesn’t have Blu Ray then thats stupid, one blu ray disk can hold 50GB which disks on 360 is 7GB which =7 disks = 1 blu ray, they will be stupid to not have it…