Apple iPhone 4S colors improved with Colorware

You don’t have to go back that far to hear many Apple fans complaining about the lack of a white iPhone 4, and now with the 4S in white some people are still not happy.

This is not a problem thanks to some really cool options via ColorWare, which improves the Apple iPhone 4S colors dramatically. When you visit this page on their website you’ll have two options before you can get started, and that is to pick the color of your current device (white or black).

Once you jump past this screen you’ll then have some beautiful colors to choose from, this allows you to customize your iPhone 4S in some really eye-catching colors. I personally love the bright green and cool blue flavors, which see the customization on the front frame, earbuds, and front button.

Designing your perfect iPhone 4S could not be simpler, you just use a list on the right of that page to select colors for each option, and this also includes an option for the SIM card tray. You can see another photo below, you gotta love it.

Would you use ColorWare to paint the perfect iPhone 4S?