Uncharted 3 DLC not coming to single player

We had a little hands-on time with Uncharted 3 when we visited EuroGamer in London a couple of weeks ago, and it was easy to see that this game was one of the best at the show, in terms of graphics.

If you’re hoping to get Uncharted 3 DLC in the single player game, then you may be a little disappointed with the news that it is a no go, according to an article on eurogamer.net, which is sourced via a statement from Naughty Dog.

You can expect to see multiplayer and co-op DLC for Uncharted 3, also the normal support after the release date, but you won’t get updates for the single player game thanks to the limited time Naughty Dog has.

Justin Richmond is the game director for Uncharted 3, and he released a statement explaining why they have these plans for the single player game, which said, “We’d rather build out another game than we would do episodic content”.

This is understandable considering Naughty Dog’s size, and they wouldn’t be able to afford the team to all work on single player DLC. The reason it would take the whole team is Naughty Dog won’t dial back their ambition when working on new projects.

Do you think Richmond is right? Is it better for Naughty Dog to work on new games, rather than more DLC for current projects?