Sprint iPhone 4S, Slow Data Problems Reported

The Apple iPhone 4S officially got released on Friday 14th October to a sea of consumers and this weekend alone, its been reported that at least 4 million units will be sold, this comes from a report over at news.businessweek.com.

Although its appearance is much the same as its predecessor the iPhone 4, changes internally include an A5 dual-core processor giving it twice the speed, 8 megapixel rear camera with face detection, Siri voice activation, iOS 5 OS giving over 200 new features and so on. But the news Stateside for some Sprint customers is not looking promising.

This year as an add-on to carriers Verizon and AT&T, Sprint will also be offering the new iPhone 4S, but its slow data speeds on the new handset, have been reported on a lengthy Sprint discussion board. Others have reported on problems being experienced with the new Siri over 3G due to Sprint’s network. Macrumors.com reported on one customer using his Samsung Epic Touch with 4G in one location giving out 3 times faster speeds than that of the iPhone 4S.

We have to add at this point, that the slow data speeds are not an issue for every Sprint customer, as reported, the issue(s) may have to be put down to poor signal strength or a problem with the location. A survey recently carried out by site Gizmodo, noted that Sprint’s speeds were somewhat slower than rivals the big red Verizon and AT&T.

Give us your comments below. Have you got a new iPhone 4S, are you experiencing slow data speeds, perhaps you have already joined the lengthy thread on Sprint’s discussion board?

  • Jpweblog

    Yes, I am one who has just received my Sprint iPhone 4S two days ago, and I still have an iPhone 3 on AT&T.  This is ridiculous!!!  My new service/phone is MUCH slower than my old one.  This kind of defeats the purpose of an unlimited data plan on Sprint!!!!!  I will be calling you Sprint on Monday to return my iPhone 4S.  You have wasted my time and money.

  • Chris

    I want an iPhone 4S.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q246JEP3MR4MZQJDUCGZWT5BGI AdamJ

    Well, I also got 4S from Sprint last Fri, and the data speed is a joke! I’ve been roaming in NY metro where 3G coverage is good according to Sprint’s map, but this thing is slower than my old nokia on Tmobile’s Edge network! Not to mention Sprint is charging extra $10/month for premium data services… Are you kidding me???????

  • Lewis wight

    I too just upgraded from an iphone 3g that was getting over 3Mbps on att to an iPhone 4s on sprint that now only gets .5-.8Mbps. After 2 years with att you would think that others could keep up. Sprint is the biggest flop ever. Stay away if you want your smart phone to stay smart. I’m taking mine back.