Mass Effect 3 on Wii U and iOS 5?

Forthcoming game Mass Effect 3 published by Electronic Arts (EA) is scheduled to release on March 6th 2012 on gaming consoles Xbox 360 and the popular PS3. We know many of you are patiently waiting for it to arrive, with benefits to come include changes to combat, improved cover system, more options to move around the battlefield, as well as a new four player multiplayer mode, so lots to look forward to!

What interested us today, is whether the new Mass Effect 3 will actually make its way to the new Nintendo Wii U plus Apple’s new iOS 5 OS. So far for the former, the news has been a little disappointing although the rumor mill has been a constant flow, particularly on EA’s official media extranet, this has been reported from Connor Beaton over at Members accessing this, will be able to see official assets plus press releases when they transpire of which are currently saying that the new Mass Effect 3 will be available still on the Xbox, PS3, PC plus “Next Gen” platforms, hence the idea of it coming to the Wii U and iOS 5.

Past announcements in relation to Mass Effect 2 led to the PS3 game accidentally being listed on the EA Russian website before it arrived on the platform, so it may be a case of keeping eyes and ears peeled for further indication. As with all rumors, until officially released from EA, it remains a guessing game.

Updates to this, have pointed to the “Next Gen” possibly referring to iOS, but again this has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Let us know what you think about the new Mass Effect 3 coming to platforms such as the Nintendo Wii U plus iOS? Are you a big fan of the game(s)?

  • Nintendoro

    Wii U version sounds very exciting. Just imagine using controller as an omni tool, hacking device, map, vehicle steering wheel…. Im am going to wait until its comfirmed whether its gonna be released for Wii U or not. Only then i shall decide wich platform to play it on. Fingers crossed it’ll happen on Wii U.