Contract-Free, Unlocked iPhone 4S In USA Already

Apple’s new iPhone 4S officially arrived last Friday 14th October, with as expected, large numbers of waiting customers. Countries such as the US, UK, Japan, Germany, Canada and France will all benefit from it first off, with others following the 28th October. Whilst many may have bought the new handset for a stand-alone price, others presumably will benefit from two-year contract plans.

In the UK, are only retailing the handset with a one-off payment, whilst retailers such as O2, Three, Vodafone and Orange will be selling the phone with a contract. Up until today, the news wasn’t so rosy for users in America. Unlocked, contract-free iPhone 4S devices as Mark Gurman over at explained, were not reported to be available until at least November, but if today’s news is anything to go by, then users will be able to pick up one now.

At select Apple stores across the US, the new iPhone 4S is reported to be contract-free and available to buy, this can be backed up from customer Steven Troughton-Smith who himself managed to purchase.

On buying the handset and getting it home, the new device can be plugged into iTunes to activate it, on which you will be met with an unlocked pop-up. The customer mentioned above, managed to unlock his iPhone 4S using an O2 SIM card whilst being connected to T-Mobile’s EDGE network. In terms of price, the 4S ranges from $649 up to the top ended model at $849. In the UK on Friday, network O2 reported that white variants as well as 64GB models were proving to be the most popular for consumers.

Let us know if you are looking to purchase a contract-free iPhone 4S in the US, and if so which model and color will it be? Perhaps you have a new handset already in which case we would like to know your initial feedback?

  • Contract free please

    What are the locations of “the selected” Apple stores?

  • Xxx

    I bought mine in upper west side in NYC

  • rrR

    Xxx, you just asked for an unlocked one and they said yes ? or you were very nice to them ?

  • Bouphamany

    So can iphone4s be unlocked????