Your best iPhone 4 case may disappoint on 4S

You may have a few nice iPhone 4 cases that have built up over the past year, and having just bought the new iPhone 4S, you may not want to part with the best iPhone 4 case that might not be for sale anymore.

The new iPhone 4S is a nice step up when you look at the hardware inside, which includes a dual core processor, up to 7 times graphics performance, 1080P video recording, a crisp camera with auto focus, and a lot more.

Thanks to the iPhone 4S having the same design on the outside you’ll be happy to use current iPhone 4 cases and bumpers, you may have bought some before your iPhone 4S arrived, although thousands of customers are now having a small, but annoying problem with these cases. The design may be 99% the same, but there is a small change.

We’ve tried a few cases and Apple’s official bumpers, which confirmed to us that the volume buttons and switch that you use to silent the phone has moved, although this is not the same for all cases that allow a little more room around these areas.

So the best iPhone 4 case you kept, or the new one you just bought may not fit right, and we wonder if Apple will issue new bumpers for the 4S model? At the time of writing Apple still sells their cases/bumpers as “4” and not “4S”.