Siri hands-on: Apple iPhone 4S reviews hit the web

If you’ve used Apple’s iPhone 4S then one of the first features you may have tried would’ve been Siri, and for those that have not had a chance to use the new voice assistant, you may want to see some of the reviews being posted online.

We’ve had a play with the feature and loved being able to search the web just by saying, “search the web for” and what you want to find, also asking for today’s weather or sending a message just by saying “tell Kerry I will be home in 30 minutes”. This changes everything when using a mobile phone, and although it’s not perfect, Siri is the best voice control on a mobile device to date.

It’s disappointing that you cannot find places in the UK yet, this is only for U.S. at the moment, and a woman’s voice in the UK would’ve been a nice touch.

The video below shows Siri in action and is provided thanks to Apple, although for a more critical point of view, you should see this three page iPhone 4S/Siri review by Apple Insider, which is complete with a couple of videos as well. Another review well worth reading can be found on CNN, which looks at the pros and cons of Siri.

How has Siri been for you? Look out for updates as we post them over the next couple of weeks, and expect more enhancements being released by Apple in the coming days.


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