Jubliant iPhone 4S Buyers: Any Teething Problems?

As Apple’s new iPhone 4S officially hit retailers today in certain countries, with more benefiting on the 28th October, we were interested whether you, yourself had managed to bag the new device and what your initial feedback was.

We knew at the end of last week just how popular the handset had become, with millions of pre-orders of the phone being taken, smashing previous records of the year old iPhone 4. Today for some users, the waiting outside Apple stores began early, with queues forming and some fans having waited for 17 days just to get their hands on the new addition. The Wall Street Journal reported, in Brooklyn Heights in NYC, lines of iPhone customers were waiting outside AT&T and Verizon stores which share locations on the same block.

For some customers that had been patiently waiting, the news was to be disappointing with handsets selling out like “hot cakes.” Interestingly when asked whether the death of Apple’s Steve Jobs just over a week ago was a contributory factor in wanting the iPhone, many answered that they had already decided to buy the device months ago, but commented that Jobs presence within Apple was the work of a pure genius.

Of course what made the US launch a little different this time around, was the inclusion of three carriers, that of Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, all seeing a sea of customers. In Japan, this will be the first time that the new iPhone 4S will be sold across multiple carriers such as Softbank Corp and the new KDDI Corp.

The news here in the UK was much the same, with eager customers queuing up extremely early and at Apple’s Recent Street store, customers were still queuing near to lunchtime. Zdnet.com were keen to report that sales at O2 were extremely good with the company saying, “This has been our most successful launch to date, with more iPhone 4S handsets sold on O2 so far today than iPhone 4 devices in the same period last year. We’ve seen particular interest in the 64GB and white variants.”

Although the new iPhone 4S may be similar in appearance to the iPhone 4, the internals have been upped. For instance the new addition brings with it, a A5 dual-core processor therefore making the phone twice as fast, 8 megapixel camera with face detection, iOS 5 OS with some 200,000 new features (check out nine that really matter) and of the new Siri voice activation tool.

Teething problems have been noted with the new Siri app. It seems local information in the UK cannot be accessed, due to Apple not having connections with partners in the country.

In an interesting tweet from a gentleman called Andy Wilkinson he said, “Apple kept quiet about none of Siri’s Yell-based stuff working in the UK. At the moment it feels like a 15 min novelty that I won’t use again.” For those using Siri outside of America users are met with, “I can only look for businesses, maps and traffic in the US, and when you’re using US English. Sorry about that.”

How did you get on today? Did you manage to bag a new iPhone 4S and from where? We would be interested to gauge how popular the new Apple is and what carriers you are using? Have you experienced any problems particularly with Siri?


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