Successfully Downloaded iOS 5? Infuriating Error 3200

Yesterday in Apple’s history, one of the biggest releases was to take place, that of the new software iOS 5. Millions of you had been waiting, in fact near enough obsessed, to download the new OS with times set for the US and the UK. Bringing with it over 200 new features, the iOS 5 OS had been much anticipated and tomorrow will see the official release of the new iPhone 4S, where those of you waiting for it, will be able to experience iOS 5 first hand.

But for many of you the experience of downloading the new software turned out to be a nightmare, with thousands of you left looking at at an error screen with the words Error 3200. In turn, as the reported, users after feeling disappointed and frustrated were keen to vent their feelings across social networking sites such as Twitter, with the words “Error 3200″ becoming a trending topic across the site. One user tweeted, “Steve Jobs has only been gone a few days and we are already experiencing the start of the techpocalypse.”

Whilst this was the case for a great many of you, some have been lucky enough to now have the new iOS 5 in place despite long extensive delays, although there have been reports that on downloading iOS 5, there have been a percentage of users suffering glitches, such as problems with music service iCloud.

Forums also saw a massive surge in users asking each other whether they had successfully downloaded the new software. The problem does seem to be at Apple’s end with messages flagged up where iTunes attempts to then try to connect to Apple. Trying to assure customers, Apple’s own support forum has issued messages to help people try and access the new iOS. For some, following suggestions has worked, although at times upgrading to the new software has resulted in devices being bricked, in turn leaving people with devices that they can no longer use.

Now with the new operating system in place, the free update in turn will now allow some of the older iPhone models to offer the functions that some users would benefit from on the new iPhone 4S.

The advice is to keep trying with today hopefully being more successful with the crowds dying down a little. Let us know how you are getting on? Have you managed to now download the new iOS 5 or still having problems, if so what? Give us your feedback on the new iOS 5 OS?

  • Samsi2410

    I’m on attempt no2 and still no luck….I WANT iMessage!!!!