iOS 5: Nine Features From List

Finally the news that everybody had been waiting for came through yesterday, the new iOS 5 OS could at last be downloaded. Benefiting Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod, the new iOS 5 software comes with over 200 new features to take advantage of. Such features include a new notification center, reminders, camera, Twitter integration, PC free wireless syncing and so on. But let’s not forget that Apple have released the new Mac OS X 10.7.2 update that includes Safari 5.1.1 and support for the long awaited iCloud.

With a new iPhone 4S handset officially on sale tomorrow October 14th in countries such as the US, UK, Japan, France, Canada and Germany, the new iOS 5 OS will be an extra string to Apple’s bow in their quest to equal features that Android have and or already offering. iOS devices have the added advantage of features such as wireless syncing, updates and of course iCloud.

We know already that Apple’s new software comes with over 200,000 features but are they all really needed, have stated that just nine are really beneficial. We’ve taken a glance and picked five out of the total so take a look and give us your comments at the end.

First up is that of software updates over WiFi. As some of you may already be aware, Android has up until now already reaped the add-on of wireless syncing and software updates. Connecting an iOS device to a PC with a cable only is a reminder of how iOS limits users. Next up is that of iCloud.

Although Apple’s iCloud only offers up to 50GB of data storage, users with a collection of images and media files will now find rewards from the new feature, allowing them to make their files available across their iOS and Mac OS X Lion devices. This now will replace the old fashioned method of syncing via cable to iTunes and dragging copied files out of iTunes to the PC’s desktop.

The third that really matters from iOS 5, is that of iMessage. Users will now benefit from the free downloadable software, allowing an unlimited number of text messages to be sent to other iOS 5 users without incurring any extra cost. This is something that we really like.

Reminders is the fourth for us! There may be some of you out there who need that extra reassurance that tasks are carried out, for instance, you arrive at your location where you will attend a meeting, the new reminders will guide you with what you have to do on arrival, perhaps it is to phone or email somebody. Reminders whilst we are on the subject, can be given out via Siri, the new active voice recognition feature.

The push notification system on the previous iOS 3 has been vastly improved, with notifications now appearing briefly at the top of the screen. Messages can be viewed whilst in the notification center, from any app by swiping down from the top of the screen.

Before now, we have covered extra benefits of iOS 5 with talking about Twitter integration as well as others, but our last out of the nine listed, is that of Under Hood. In basic terms, it works with iOS devices and their interface and corporate IT systems. Now, IT administrators will be able to disable email whilst forwarding it on to prevent company messages from being sent out to external accounts. Syncing can be turned off with iCloud or iTunes, in turn limiting the amount of files on personal systems.

For now, we will leave you to look at the nine key features to the new iOS 5 OS with a view to letting us know what you think. Are you in agreement? Did you have any problems with downloading the new software? Out of interest, are you getting the new iPhone 4S or perhaps you pre-ordered yours last week with millions of other customers?

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