iOS 5 Download Time, Users Obsessed During Countdown

Big things are changing within the tech world and one that millions of you are waiting on is the download time of iOS 5 OS. Apple’s brand new software is reported to be available from 10 am US time and 6 pm London time today. We know from our readers’ comments, just how much this software is needed and wanted and with many of you, pre-ordering your new iPhone 4S for its official release this Friday 14th, the iOS 5 OS will be a massive add-on.

Counting down the time to download, we can understand that there will be masses of you out there near enough obsessed, waiting patiently for it to become available within iTunes, with the update button becoming worn out with a constant pressing of your finger.

Just before the new iPhone 4S launched officially last week, we asked you our readers, whether you would be purchasing the new device first off, or whether you would be trying out the new iOS 5 OS on your current iPhone 4? Knowing how much the iOS 5 is wanted, we found some interesting tips for you to use before updating your iPhone, along with suggestion on what to do before installing the new software onto your iDevice.

Many of you will of course know the benefits of the new OS which we will refresh you on in one second, but firstly let’s have a look at the tips, courtesy of our friends over at Phones Review.

First up for all you beloved Apple fans, it may seem obvious but head on over to Apple’s official website and check to see if your iPhone handset is compatible with the new iOS 5, as to not disappoint we can tell you that for iPhone 3G’s and before, the new software cannot be installed.

Next up, make sure you have the latest iTunes, today iTunes will be getting its 10.5 update.

Make sure you back up your Apple device before installing iOS 5. Update all your applications, as Phones Review pointed out, this will enable them to support iOS 5. If you are considering jailbreaking, the advice is to revert back the software before updating, although this is down to personal choice. The main thing to remember is to BACKUP your iOS 5 device before installing the new iOS 5 software, this provides a safety net should anything fail to work.

Now to refresh you, the new software will enable a new notification center, iMessages, Newsstand, Twitter integration, improved camera, PC free allowing you to set up your device wirelessly from the box, AirPlay Mirroring, Reminders, faster Safari web browser and the list goes on.

Give us your thoughts on the new iOS 5, are you sitting there updating the button constantly? What time do you think the download will go live? Also let us know whether you were lucky enough to pre-order your new iPhone 4S?

We have to end by saying that we wish the late Steve Jobs would still be here to see the finished iOS 5 product along with the new iPhone device. RIP.

  • Sam

    its 8:50pm in australia but im still gonna stay up for this! lol

  • bob

    what time does it come out

  • James

    What time does it come out in Australia?

  • Ganesh Meher

    Waiting eagerly

  • Ganesh Meher

    In less than six hours from now…….

  • Bobby Mendoza

    it’s still six hours from now. i think..

  • Anubhav

    2.5 hrs….

  • Sam


  • sonnymyates

    4 hours and counting clicking ‘check for update’

  • Andrewsentanu

    how long?

  • Sass

    Hoping india download will start at 10:30 pm, that’s 4 hrs from now. cheers

  • Ernoid

    My god, that’s 12am and beyond in Hong Kong…..

  • Chee Yi

    Maybe I will go to bed and wake up at 2am Malaysian time to download it.

  • Kandilynn07

    What time in Canada will it be out? I’m very impatiently waiting!!!

  • Biplab Kr. Karan

    Are you ready to download for IOS5 ! You must download iTune 10.5 which is already available. Start download from 2.00 AM. for BSNL free broadband unlimited night users in India. Use several apps. update today. Keep your excitement and good night.

  • Sass

    One worry is that I am definitely going to exhaust both wifi and 3G bandwidth at least for next couple of months with the iPad apps ios5 compatibility updates . Have 20 gigs of apps :(

  • Sass

    Started receiving app updates not compatible with iOS 4 . That’s interesting :)

  • Pasqualino

    wat about adelaide

  • Pasqualino

    what time does it come out in australia

  • Pasqualino

    what time does it come out in australia

  • Rajat


  • Jason Hodges

    Nope, 0222AEST and still no IOS 5

  • Nictry

    Its there now, updating my Ipad as I type

  • Ishan

    Still can’t find it on itunes (in India)

  • Ishan

    Downloading now, update live in India too…

  • Nictry

    52 minutes gone and still saying 47 minutes remaining (which it has been for the last 30 mins) looks like it could be a long night

  • No One

    I had this also with the BETA iOS 5. Some apps simply did not work but to me it was worth to have the iOS 5 rather than the few (in my case) apps that did not work.