Apple To Hold Employee Event Remembering Steve Jobs

Its been almost a week since the tragic passing of Steve Jobs and Apple has announced that they will hold a private staff event in his memory. It was only a week ago that the tech giant unveiled their iPhone 4S, so as you can imagine it has been a week full of publicity for them. New Apple CEO Tim Cook who unveiled the smartphone has confirmed that they will hold an employee only event on October 19th.

The remembrance event will be staged in California at Apple’s Cupertino HQ on the Infinite Loop campus. The outdoor amphitheater is where proceedings will take place at 10am. According to Mashable, Cook sent an email to employees telling them about the event, admitting his deep sadness over Steve’s death in the last few days: “Team, Like many of you, I have experienced the saddest days of my lifetime and shed many tears during the past week.” The new boss did take comfort however from the worldwide condolences and tributes that have been paid to the Apple co-founder.

Jobs was on a well publicized medical leave after a liver transplant and treatment for pancreatic cancer. His death came as a huge shock as there was no news of health deterioration, only improvement through rest. Steve’s family confirmed to the media that he died peacefully which will bring comfort to fans, the ex CEO resigned from his position in August and took up a very brief role as chairman. Jobs is a technology legend and has served as an icon to so many people.

There enthusiasm and showmanship he brought to Apple’s events are irreplaceable and for me, the company will not be the same without him. Steve Jobs is well and truly Mr Apple and he has left an incomparable legacy at the world’s most valuable company. Apple will go on continuing to make amazing innovative products but will the whole Apple experience be like it was before the passing of the one and only? Let us know your thoughts on Steve Jobs and his tragic death in the comments section.